Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Random Post

I'm laying on the floor in my rec room using the lap top right now. Just finished up some math and am now just relaxing before going to clean my room... Anyway, how's it going for everyone? I know I haven't posted in ages..... Me and consistent blogging don't exactly go together I guess... But whatever! Hopefully over the summer I will find some time and actually be active in blogging. Soon (hopefully!) I want to post some DIY's, devotionals, and some other stuff. I have been finding all kinds of fun stuff on Pinterest, and when I eventually try them out, I will hopefully put together some tutorials of my own to share with you all!

On Saturday I was at Canada's Wonderland for Wonder Jam!! ( Wonderland is an amusement park in Toronto ON, and Wonder Jam is a Christian music festival once or twice a year held there!) IT WAS AWESOME!!! Jamie Grace, TFK, Lecrae, and Toby Mac all performing live! Can you get better than that?! Oh, and throw in the youth group, rides, and all day event, and food, and its PERFECT!!!! Aside from having to get up super early and being up till 1:30 A.M. afterward... Needless to say, I'm still recovering from that. Going to the chiropractor later today so that should fix my stiff neck and back... For some reason my body doesn't like jerking around on rides, or jumping up and down raising my arms for like 3 hours during concerts! Strange right? Anyway, that's pretty much what's happening in my life right now... Along with finishing school... Oh! My Aunt is here from Kenya for a few weeks!! She is staying with us right now, and will go back to London (ON) to stay with my grandparents (Her parents) on Thursday. So she gets to be here for my birthday! (Tomorrow BTW! 15 years old! AHH!!)

Well, I`m going to go try cleaning up my pig sty, er I mean bedroom. Talk to you all soon!


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