Saturday, 6 July 2013

Goodnight and a link

It's come to the end of my day. I'm laying in bed typing away listen to WDCX. Any one else listen to that station? Tommorow is Sunday and church for me and my family. I'm helping in the nursery so I get to look after my I'll brother and another adorable little girl. All of us who are going to AWANA camp next week will also go on stage and I think someone is going to pray for us. I am so excited for camp! We leave Saturday and will be gone for one week. So that means I won't be posting during that time. But don't worry I will be back with a full report and will hopefully be refreshed spiritually and maybe have more ideas for this blog. Right now I want to share a couple links to my favourite website right now. It is a place for girls to come and learn more about God and encourage each other. The forums are so much fun whether we are just chatting, playing forum games, or talking about real life situations and our spiritual journeys. I hope all of you girls check it out. (If you haven't already:) Well I need to go check my Google + stuff before I fall asleep here. Talk to you tommorow, goodnight.

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