Sunday, 7 July 2013

My sunday

Watching Mr. Bean right now. Such a weird show. Make no sense but is still funny. On a co ercial break and already seeing adds for the Olympics. Well, we went to church this morning. Being in the nursery was fun. Emery is so cute! And so is Aaron but he is my brother so I'm with him all the time. So yesterday we made tie die shirts and they look amazing! I will post pictures as soon as they are taken and uploaded. Unfortunately the camera on my kobo isn't working so I can't upload them from here. Hopefully I can get an exchange on it since it is only a few months old. Tommorow is going to be another normal day. Studying to get my tests done, cooking, babysitting..... And blogging:) I going to think of some more ideas tonight so hopefully I will have something cool tommorow! Well, it's late so goodnight and God bless you.

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