Saturday, 18 October 2014

Our relationship with God

Hey everyone!! 

Today we had some exciting visitors! A girl that used to live with us when she was in college, came back with her family for a visit!! I may talk more about that in another post, but Anna brought a bunch of her family with her and we had a great visit. 

They are a wonderful Christian family. And it shows! They prayed for us multiple times. And their prayers weren't just "thank you God for this family and bless them." You could see they meant what they were saying as they prayed for our family and each of our futures. Later when they were getting ready to leave, Anna told me she was going to get her father to pray for me. So she led me over to the vehicle he was already in, and asked her father to pray for me. And he did. I've never really had someone pray for me, or 'pray over me'. He prayed for my future, that I would find the right husband, that I would follow my dreams, and that I would stay close to God. That last bit got me. How well am I doing at staying close to God? Well, I have to honestly say I'm failing. Some days, I will pray and read my Bible, and I will learn some things about Him. Other days, more often than not, I will just forget about praying, forget about my Bible, and go on with my day. And when Anna's father prayed that I would stay close to God, it hit me again. If I am straying from God now when I'm a teen and still at home, how will I do when I'm off on my own? It's time I do something, and something more than just go look at some blog posts about growing closer to God. It's time for me to actually do something. How about you? Are you struggling with your relationship with God? Then, maybe it's time for you to do something about it too. We can work through this together. Having a close relationship with God takes work. You can't just snap your fingers and expect to have a perfect relationship with God. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. But, digging into your Bible, and praying, and taking time to just be with God, will help you grow closer to God. So what are we waiting for? A written letter from God? Well, open your Bible. That written letter has been on your shelf waiting for you to read it. 


  1. Rebecca I just had one of those annoying times when I typed out a whole thing and it deleted... arg. Anyways

    I love how u concluded your blog. It's a written letter from our prince! How amazing! He loves us so much and we constantly neglect him. I'm struggling with that a bit lately. I mean life is good right so... but I've realized he loves me so much and I give him nothing in return I can't even give him thanks when life is going good? Because we get busy we just push Him to the back of our minds. I just wanted to let u know you arnt the only one in this right now. I pray for all those who are struggling with their relationship with him. Something that struck me hard the other day. We have ETERNAL LIFE on a amazingly perfect new created earth. Were there is no sin. Loving everyone. Praising God fully in everything we do. If we all but live our life for him, in love and repentence. His grace is immeasurable. how AMAZING!!!
    God bless!

    1. Thank you for that Erin!!! And so true! We neglect God, who gives us all things. He has given us so much! Even when life is bad. Heaven is going to be an amazing place!


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