Saturday, 6 July 2013


Hi everyone,

 Thank you for coming to my blog. I will start by saying that this is my first blog and I'm just learning so please be patient with me! Also I will be mostly posting from my kobo arc so please forgive misspellings and any poor format. This is going to be a blog about my thoughts, ideas, and passions. I will also hopefully be writing some blogs on fashion ( what girl's blog would be complete without it?), modesty, and some devotions. I will start by telling a little about myself. I am a 14 year old girl. Some call my normal, some call me strange. Some just don t know what to call me :) I am a christian and have been since I was 7. My home church is Bethel baptist church st. Catharines. So you guessed it, I live in st. Catharines ON. I an also homeschooled and will be going into grace 9 in September. My favourite thing to do is spend time with friends. When I can't do that, which unfortunately is quite often, I enjoy cooking, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and reading. Sounds a bit different than the typical teen girl right? Well, I'll tell you now that I'm not a typical teen girl but I do still enjoy doing some typically, stuff like playing games on my kobo or spending endless hours online reading blogs. (Maybe not so normal.) I still go through the same problems as many teen girls, boys, boys, boys... and growing up. Girls, it isn't t easy! Any girl who thought growing up was easy and all chocolate and ice cream was WRONG! Of is chocolate and ice cream, with the calories that then need to be burned off. Speaking of food, it is lunch time here and I'm hungry. So excuse me for now while I go eat something.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have comments about it leave them in the comment box below but please be nice. No bad language will be tolerated. Feel free to ask me some questions in the comments too and I will reply or answer them in the next blog. Or maybe both. Any way now that I've totally boreded you out (homeschoolers are allowed to make new words and use them) I will finish. Thanks for reading, good bye.


  1. This is great! I am so excited about this!

    1. Thanks. I am really excited about where God will take this.

  2. I am excited as well! Of the crafts you do, which is hardest and which is easiest? I sew a little...

  3. Thanks for commenting! That is a tough question! I think that for me knitting is the hardest and crochet is probably the easiest. Because knitting uses two needles and you have to deal with all the stitches at once and the risk of losing one is big where as crochet you only work one stitch at a time. And sewing is just in the middle. Some projects are super easy and some are super hard.


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